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October 15, 2021

What is the ISOvA Toolbox? 

The ISOvA Toolbox is a cloud-based software solution that has been designed by leading ISO consultants around the core elements of an ISO Management System. It ensures its users are compliant with all their ISO requirements and can cover multiple Standards, including ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, and ISO 27001 Information Security. It can be used with a standalone Standard or several in an integrated management system. The ISOvA Toolbox provides a more straightforward approach and reduces the cost associated with achieving ISO Certification. 

How does the ISOvA Toolbox work? 

The ISOvA Toolbox is set out in an easy-to-use way, including a dropdown navigation menu where you can quickly move through your Management System from Interested Parties to SWOT Analysis and Objectives. 

The homepage has a real-time Performance dashboard that links directly to your reports, for example, to your Objectives list, where you can set and track meaningful Objectives important to your organisation. 

Documents are automatically version-controlled, and the Toolbox allows you to quickly build reports to demonstrate to auditors that Risks and Opportunities, for example, are effectively managed. 

This easy-to-use system helps you manage your data and set the importance of tasks needing to be actioned. The Toolbox can be customised to your business, and you can monitor and evaluate performance, assign tasks to those responsible, and export all reports to an excel spreadsheet. 

Any non-conformities or opportunities for improvement can be tracked through the Corrective Actions list, ensuring that you remain compliant and achieve your objectives. 

Why use ISOvA?

We believe that effective management systems are not just about ISO compliance - they should also help companies improve efficiency and sustainability. The ISOvA Integrated Management System (IMS Toolbox) has been designed to reduce the effort and cost of complying with ISO standards by providing a cloud-based integrated management system at an affordable monthly subscription with an easy-to-follow online platform powered by Microsoft 365 Teams.

At its core, ISOvA is an easy-to-use but powerful online management system that integrates with Microsoft Teams and is suitable for all business types, sizes, and industries.

Don't just take our word for it. We use Capterra to gain reviews from our clients. Below are a few testimonials we have received, but you can also follow this link to view our reviews. 

Customer Reviews:

Mirjam B – Head of Quality 

"It's been very easy to use and covers all the requirements of our IMS, including the legal register, risk register, interested parties list, roles and responsibilities, etc. These are very easy to understand and update. It has been very helpful in integrating our various ISOs and keeping them up to date at all times."

Jim W – Manager

"The ability to link different ISO standards together was very important to us. We did not want two operating systems offering conflicting and duplicating knowledge pools. The IMS enables us to cross-reference items across the platforms and is more efficient than individual systems."

Adam L – Head of Training & Ops

"When we started our ISO journey, we were using a fairly basic QMS with many separate documents. Whilst it served it's purpose, it became quite intimidating and complicated for the users. The switch to the ISOvA IMS has meant that we now have a fully integrated solution, whereby the main documents can be accessed through dropdown menus. The documents are integrated, so the whole quality management journey is easy to follow, and we utilise the dashboard on a daily basis, to give an overview of our quality management status."

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