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The legal register details legislation that an organisation must comply with due to its activities. The purpose of the register is to assist your company in complying with its legal obligations, therefore maximising the likelihood of the company's management, staff and contractors complying with the law.You can easily tailor these to match your organisation or add new acts of legislation.

The guidance includes choosing different acts from our extensive list, giving you a complete register and information of compliance to these legislative acts.

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Why you need to define Statutory and Regulatory Requirements for your ISO Management System (MS)

1 Scope

This International Standard specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organisation:

  1. needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
  2. aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the practical application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

All the requirements of this International Standard are generic. They are intended to apply to organisations, regardless of their type or size or the products and services.

How ISOvA MS software helps you determine your statutory and regulatory requirements

The Legal register list template includes a list of standard Acts, which you can easily tailor to match your organisation.

ISOvA IMS Toolbox Online Demo - Legal Register
Legal Register on the ISOvA IMS Toolbox 

The First step in this process is to choose the correct view from the Toolbox. In the box below highlighted, please select the standard that you require from the drop-down box. This will then automatically bring up legislation relevant to the chosen standard. Please be aware that different businesses have different legal obligations. This register needs to be reviewed by the organisation and add business-specific legislation to this register.

ISOvA IMS Toolbox Online Demo - Legal Register
Legal Register on the ISOvA IMS Toolbox 

The headings below match the columns provided in your IMS Toolbox:


These are the Legislative Acts titles, some of which you are aware of. The title itself may remind you that it is relevant to your organisation, such as:

  • Data Protection Act 2018 / GDPR Regulations
  • Employment Rights Act 1996


If the title of the legislative act does not help you make your choice, then the Question column will help your decision, such as:

Do you employ people? yes = Employment Right Act 1996


From deciding on either the title or question, you will then choose from the following drop-down selection:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Under review

This will then communicate to interested parties your obligation and commitment to statutory and regulatory regulations.

Evidence of Compliance 

This area is to communicate with you the requirements that are needed to comply with this act. Failure to do so could raise potential issues from a Standard perspective and a legal one.

Interested Parties

This section of the legal register communicates with the persons that are involved in this legal requirement. This is a multiple selection process based upon ISOvA choice. If these need to change then, please contact your Virtual Assistant.

Further Information

This column is a direct link to the ISOvA online legal register, where you can access all the legislation information. Also, this will have a link to the government’s website should you need this. 

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Next Step…

Having determined roles, responsibilities, and authorities for your ISO MS, you can now move to the next step:

Step Implementation Guides:

1: Roles & Responsibilities
2: Aims and objectives
3: Controls
4: SWOT Analysis
5: Interested Parties
10: Audit Programme
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