Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities

The Roles & Responsibilities list template includes a list of standard roles such as Managing Director/CEO, HR Manager, Quality Manager and Information Security Manager.

You can easily tailor these to match your own organisation or add new roles.

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Interested Parties list

Roles and Responsibilities:

ISOvA IMS Toolbox Online Demo - Roles and Responsibilities
Interested Parties list on the ISOvA IMS Toolbox

Related Lists

Once completed, you can lookup your Roles from the Risk and Opportunities, Processes, Controls, Audit Programme, Objectives, Performance Evaluation and Corrective Actions, which reduces effort and avoids duplication errors.

ISOvA IMS Toolbox Online Demo - Controls
Roles lookup column in the Controls register

As with Interested Parties, we have taken the work out of deciding which roles and responsibilities need consideration in your journey to ISO certification.

Simply use our template to discover what is required of each role. Whether that is your Managing Director or your HR manager, we set out the precise expectations of each individual, so everything is clear.

Once set, your roles will appear in other related areas of your platform, including Objectives and Performance Evaluation, to keep everything synchronised.

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